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Blue bull shark#2.jpg

Electric Blue Bull Shark, made for the Shoalhaven River Festival 2018.  The theme was  'Light up the River'

Aluminium with strip lighting

Blue bull shark s_f.jpg

'Ice Cores' made for the 2017 shoalhaven River Festival.  The theme was 'Flood Markers'

Dads and kids finding extinct and endangered species in the 'ice core"

RF kids enjoying ice cores.JPG
ice core detail America s_f.JPG
RF kid with ice core.JPG
Ice core detail#1 America s_f.jpg

Extinct species found in the 'ice Cores'

ice core detail Europe s_f.jpg
hanging ribbon fish s_f.jpg

Heading 1

Heading 1

'Ribbon Fish'. Light reflecting hanging fish made for the 2017 and 2018 Shoalhaven River Festivals.

Art installation Shoalhaven River Festiv
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