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The Royal National Park

The Royal National Park series has been a great pleasure to work on.  I go out into the bushland and beaches to sketch, paint and photograph on site.  I then take the images into the studio and work with them before returning to the site finish the work.  This landscape is very close to my heart as I have played and worked in this beautiful place all my life.  This collection includes a few works from other beautiful places.

Top of 'The Farm' track 2021 websize
Nth Era Banksia with Willy Wagtail
Burning Palms Palm
'The last steep bit'
Nth Era evening
Era Kookaburra
Clearing storm Garie beach
Burning Palms Monitor Lizard
Girl in red at Garie beach
Little Garie Deer
Era redbelly
Era wallaby
Puffer fish
Gabe with banksia
Gabriel and Bucko
Cormorants at Shelly
Little Garie
Audley Summer
Audley boatshed
The Garie Sphinx with holding pattern
Mackay's shack
The Era Xmas tree
Wallaby sketch
The Garie Sphinx
Planes in Botany Bay
The Grotto - Shoalhaven river
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