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The works on this page were created for the Shoalhaven River Festival in 2017, 2018, 2019,  and 2022. 

 Electric Blue Bull Shark

The Electric Blue Bull Shark was created for the Shoalhaven River Festival and displayed on the river in 1019 and 2022.  It joined a flotilla of boats with light sculptures also created by local artists. We sailed the sculptures along the river past the crowds gathered on the river bank as they waited for the fireworks to begin.

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Ribbon Fish 

The Ribbon Fish were displayed under the old Flood Boat Hanger beside the river in 2017 and 2018. Made with bamboo frames and strung with ribbons collected from op shops the simple sculptures came brilliantly to life when lit with coloured lights.

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Ice Cores

The Ice Cores were made in response to the 2017 River Festival theme of the environment and climate change.  Starting from the base of each of the five Ice Cores there are animal species ranging from extinct to endangered to threatened.  They are made with crushed glass, fabric, toys and fibreglass resin.

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